Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Greek for Dinner

Yesterday hubby said he wanted a gyro (donair for my Canadian friends) for dinner tonight.  Since our local grocery store had a gallon of milk on sale for $2.89 (a loss leader), we picked up the milk and I used half of the gallon to make yogurt.  With a bit of this yogurt I made tzatziki sauce (really simple, just mix yogurt with garlic powder and dill).  Then we walked to the $1 store because they usually have naan bread which we use for the Greek sandwiches.  Unfortunately they didn't have naan bread today and I didn't want to buy it at the regular grocery store because it sells for like $4 a package of six pieces of bread.

I told hubby I would just make the naan myself but he didn't look happy about it (FWIW I've tried making naan bread before and they usually come out like hockey pucks).  So I hopped online and found this recipe.  I used a bit of the yogurt I had made, followed the instructions exactly, and the naan came out perfectly!  Soft, pliable, tasty...hubby will have a nice dinner tonight!


  1. I will have to try that - I love naan and we have curries a lot!

  2. Yum! Indian food is so awesome...these naan breads will go wonderfully with it!

  3. Donair is an Eastern Canada term for a gyro.