Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Catch Up Post to, Well, Catch Up

Whew!  All of the guests have left so now I can get back to blogging and reading/commenting on your blogs (I generally read through everyone's blogs in the morning while eating breakfast but don't sign in and comment because I don't have onward!).

Here's a quick catch up...

  • Those dreams of owning a B & B that I once considered...gone.  It is a lot of work having guests, keeping them fed, making sure they are entertained, doing laundry, and cleaning.  The idea of owning a quaint B & B is nice, reality...not so much.
  • I sold my old smartphone as a way to recoup some of the money I spent on my new phone.  I perused eBay to see what similar phones were selling for then decided to try listing it on Craigslist first because it is way less hassle (no waiting for payment, packaging it, shipping it, hoping it makes it to the buyer, etc.).  I knocked $20 off of the price it was listing for on eBay because I don't have the shipping costs and extra work of auctioning it.  You know you listed an item too cheaply when you get ten calls within ten minutes of posting it.  Ugh.  Live and learn I guess. 
  • I am not a Keurig fan.  Everyone who comes to our house is shocked because we don't have a Keurig coffee maker like "everyone else".  Which makes me launch into the old "my coffee maker is better" speech.  We bought a $10 coffee maker when we moved into our new place and it is wonderful.  It is much cheaper than a Keurig (I can make a whole pot of coffee for less than the price of one K cup), it is less wasteful than a Keurig (each of those K cups is a lot of plastic waste that needs to be disposed of.  With a regular coffee maker the coffee grounds can go into the garden and the thin paper filter goes into the garbage), it is MUCH faster (the speed difference between making a 12 cup pot of coffee and waiting for 12 individual cups of Keurig coffee to be made is no contest at all), and finally my old coffee maker isn't proprietary (you can use any filer and any coffee and it will pump out vast quantities of coffee with no problem, the new Keurigs will be made so that the machine will not accept any other brand of K cups except for Keurig K cups...blah!).  I'll hop off my soapbox now.
  • Finally, we got a great iron at the Goodwill this week for $3.95.  We burn through (no pun intended) irons pretty quickly because we iron every piece of clothing that we wear (I don't like to be wrinkly) which means about every three or four years our iron gives up the ghost, heaves water all over the place, and end up in the garbage.  We used to spend around $70 a pop for a good iron but since we are now buying everything else at the Goodwill, we bought a new (to us) iron yesterday and absolutely love it!  It is very heavy, heats up quickly, has a great steam feature, and best of all it was $3.95!!

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  1. I too hate Keurig. We would use a regular pot but hubby likes instant coffee (go figure) and I drink tea. He had to have a Keurig several years ago so I bought one for Christmas for him. He quit using it after a year or so as the coffee was too strong and wasteful plus expensive. It now sits on our garage sale pile. Cheers