Monday, May 19, 2014

A Bunch of Random Things...

I haven't been keeping up with my blogging very well (and probably won't be over the next month unless I have lots to talk about due to working which may happen...) but here is a quick catch up...

  • I tried to restyle this blog a bit (sadly, I have no artistic talent whatsoever...).
  • I completed three days of training for the WSOP and have one more day before I actually start working.  Compared to last year they are doing a whole lot more hands-on training which is a really good thing for the new people.  Unfortunately, my 20 hours of scheduled training turned out to be like 10 hours of training because if we knew what we were doing we were told we could go home early.  I actually remember everything, even the computer codes, so I am looking forward to a much less stressful first few weeks (if you remember last year I was ready to quit on day three I was so stressed and overwhelmed) but I would have liked the pay for those extra 10 hours!
  • I am getting lots more hours this month from my client but I know June, in fact all of summer, is a quiet time in her office so it is good that I will have some extra income from working the WSOP.
  • I am eating fresh apricots each morning for breakfast.  I just walk outside and pick them off the tree (the ones the birds dodn't get) and they are so yummy!
  • We watch a lot of TV in the evening.  Many of the shows from this season are wrapping up this week.  I was really happy the dad and son won the Amazing Race, my guess is that Caleb will win American Idol, and my other guess is that Meryl and Maks will win Dancing With the Stars.  And while it seems like all I do is watch TV, I actually read each evening while watching TV so I feel somewhat more productive because of that. 
  • I have been really good about not spending money recently even though it has been so tempting.  I haven't bought anything from REI's big sale which is going on now, I was thisclose to buying a new suitcase today but decided to wait until the fall when I will really need it (the wheel broke on my old suitcase during out last trip), and the plan today was to get a new TV for one of the guest rooms (the one that was there was moved to the garage so we can watch it while on the treadmill) but hubby said he would be happy to move the TV back up to the room if needed which was both logical and money saving.
  • I haven't walked in over a week.  Partly because I'm lazy and partly because it is so hot outside now.  Walking will resume in the fall.
  • And finally, I am SO HAPPY today for my friend.  He has been in a legal battle for more than 15 years (and acting as his own attorney or he would have been bankrupted long ago).  First the prosecutor appealed and appealed and appealed in criminal court for more than 12 years until the case was finally and unequivocally tossed out then the prosecutor turned around and tried to sue him civilly for the past three years and that case was finally and completely tossed out today (the story didn't make the paper yet).  Yippee!!!!!!
  • And finally, finally, I have been really lax on commenting on everyone's blogs but I do read them each morning when I eat breakfast.  I will try to catch up on commenting soon!

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  1. Glad all is well - enjoy the last of your free time before WSOP!