Saturday, January 27, 2018

20 Cheap Indulgences

Some people may read this blog and think we are living a very austere life since we don't spend much money on day to day living.  But I learned from my grandmother many years ago that it doesn't take much money to indulge yourself.  She never had a fur coat or an international vacation but she used to say that just buying a pair of socks at the Five and Dime (an old fashioned store where most things were five or ten cents...this was A LONG time ago!) was one of her inexpensive indulgences. 

Here are 20 ways I like to indulge myself on the cheap...

  1. Washing and ironing my sheets (I love the feel of freshly washed and ironed sheets)
  2. Buying a new shade of nail polish.
  3. Getting a haircut.
  4. Buying a new pen (the Pilot Precise V7 is my favorite!)
  5. A good chocolate candy bar (Milka from Germany is my favorite)
  6. Buying new lipstick.
  7. Walking in the park or the mountains.
  8. Baking cookies or other desserts.
  9. Going to a matinee movie (they are only $4 where we live)
  10. Watching old movies on the classic movie station (I love movies from the 1940s and 1950s)
  11. Having a Baskin Robins Blast (I think I indulge in these way too often though)
  12. Cleaning (oddly enough cleaning things makes me happy and relaxed)
  13. Buying fancy soap (like olive oil based with roses or lavender)
  14. Buying fancy cheese (like really good Parmesan)
  15. Buying a new blank book (I'm really picky about these books they need to have quality paper and a nice cover design)
  16. Doing my own facial, manicure, and pedicure.
  17. Buying fresh flowers.
  18. Making elaborate smoothies.
  19. Reading.
  20. Shopping at the Asian grocery store and picking up new things to try to cook.

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