Thursday, January 11, 2018

A New Year's Resolution Update

Eleven days into the new year and here is how my new year resolutions are fairing...
  1. No spend year (food, toiletries, and the Goodwill are OK).   I haven't spent any money so far this year!!!
  2. Walk five miles a day, eat better, and do some sort of activity every day.   These lasted for about a week.  Now I am back to my usual walk sometimes, eat whatever, and activities as we have time.  :/
  3. Post to this blog and a couple other blogs every single day next year.  Yes, I have posted to all blogs, every day so far!  :)
  4. Learn to knit and play the piano.  Not much activity on these goals yet.
  5. Pay off my car and two credit cards.  Paid off one credit card so far, working on the second one.
  6. Write five books.  I'm debating if book format or website format is better for four of these topics I want to write about.
  7. Renew my driver's license, military ID, and concealed carry permit.  These won't happen until summer. 
  8. Do every single one of the scheduled walks this year with my walking group.  The first walk of the year and I overslept my alarm so I didn't go.  :(
  9. Do our family reunion.   This has been scheduled for early summer.
  10. Visit all of the state parks in Nevada.  We haven't done this yet; need to wait until after winter due to snow.
  11. Limit social media to less than an hour a day.   Meh, I've really cut back on Facebook, reddit not so much.
  12. Save $10,000 by the end of the year.  I'm inching slowly towards this goal.  Very slowly.
Overall it would seem I suck and new year resolutions...

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