Friday, January 5, 2018

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I am happy to report that I accomplished one of my new year's resolutions already--I paid off one credit card!  Actually it had nothing to do with my efforts and everything to do with hubby hitting a small windfall while playing poker a couple of days ago.  He generously said 'take this money and use it on whatever you want' and I went immediately to the bank and paid off a credit card.  I guess the moral of this story is to write down your goals no matter how improbable they are because you never know what serendipitous event will happen to help you reach your goals!

On the other hand my resolution to lay off the coffee drinks ended in failure today.  I have only felt half-awake since the first day of the year when I swore off caffeine.  Today I got a Baskin Robbins Blast (kind of like a coffee milkshake) and I feel fully awake now!  You win some, you lose some I guess...

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