Thursday, February 15, 2018


I am decidedly a late bloomer.  I didn't get on Facebook until it had been going for about a decade, I totally skipped over MySpace, and while I blog all the time, I don't really do it right (minimal ads that bring in a pittance, no effort to promote my blogs, etc).  So now that crypto-currency is all the rage, I am yet again not taking any steps towards participating in this thing that will either be the wave or the future or the downfall of the currency markets (I have no idea which).

At Christmas, all my nieces and nephews could talk about was their BitCoin and I don't blame they as they had made many thousands of dollars on their earlier BitCoin purchases (they are all in the tech industry so this wasn't much of a reach for them).  I, meanwhile, am pretty leery about any sort of unbacked currency that is not FDIC insured, any financial instrument that only exists in the ethers, and especially something of value that can be heisted with the click of a keyboard.  Call me old fashioned because I probably am.

So while everyone and their brother seems to be getting into the crypto-currency craze (even strippers in Vegas now take BitCoin!), these reasons keep me from "investing" in this newfangled monetary experiment.

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