Friday, February 9, 2018

Why I Shop at Ethnic Food Stores

We are lucky that Las Vegas has hundreds of ethnic food stores and restaurants.  If you need teff flour to make injera bread, there are several stores you can find this at.  If you need a complex array of spices to make an Indian dish, you can find that easily as well.  Generally since these stores sell staples/meat/exotic vegetables and spices specific to one country, the prices are much better than you would find in a regular grocery store.  Also...

...most ethnic stores sell every cut of meat from the entire animal (regular stores only sell the most common cuts of meat, not a snout or tail to be found).

...the variety of fish is also much better.

...snacks from the old country are plentiful and cheap.

...and there is a wide variety of produce... well as common vegetables.

...all of these spices are 99 cents!

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