Monday, March 12, 2018

How Much Does $100 Really Get You?

I came across this cool infographic which shows how far your $100 will take you in regards to rent and goods in each state.  This is kind of useful as we are still talking about moving only we don't know where to move to.  With us being on a fixed income the data makes the costs even more clear (for people who plan to work where they move to, as the article points out, they may make more money in a higher cost of living area).

When looking at various places we might want to live, there are several things we are considering including cost of housing, cost of taxes, overall tax burden, weather, crime rates, community amenities, gun laws, nearness to family, distance to an airport, distance to military services, internet availability, cost of utilities, nearness to casinos, traffic, the general "vibe" of the people in the community, the library system, a smaller town but near enough to a large city, and the general cost of living.

It's really hard to find a place that meets all of these criteria!  Based on the infographic, Hawaii, DC, and California are a definite no.  Delaware through Maryland don't look very promising either.  On the flip side, the deep south looks pretty inexpensive but the heat, humidity, and bugs (plus the fact that his daughter was Facetiming us from her home in Florida when a big snake slithered through the open door and hubby squealed like a girl when he saw that--he is NOT a snake fan) makes that area a 'probably not'.  So I will keep researching and haunting Zillow and maybe one of these days we will pull up stakes and move!

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