Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Facebook Buy Nothing Project

First I want to say that I have been rocking my no spend challenge.  In two months the only thing I have bought was a pair of $10 bowling shoes (thanks to hubby who buys me coffee drinks whenever I am looking less than peppy...which is pretty often).  Although my no spend challenge is only mine to do (with my money; hubby has his own money and spends on whatever he wants which isn't actually very much, so far this year he hasn't made any purchases either besides a couple of restaurant meals, groceries and gas, helping a couple of the kids out, and coffee drinks for me.  We both have more than enough of everything and haven't seen the inside of a store other than for groceries in ages!).

And then today I was perusing the internet and saw an article on the Facebook Buy Nothing Project--it sounds like a cool idea (more info here).  People connect through Facebook which I have hardly used at all since the beginning of the year so I did go on to Facebook and joined the local group and liked their main page.  This sounds like an excellent way to encourage yourself and others not to spend plus share what you have or give away things to others who are trying not to spend so it in essence becomes like a cash-less economy kind of project.  Cool!

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