Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vegan Food Update

We have been mostly vegan for the past week.  Yesterday we hit up Costco, Whole Foods, and a couple other grocery stores so I could expand my vegan repertoire.  Hubby commented that eating this way was pretty expensive but I think he didn't take into account that we haven't eaten out in a week, that we are just getting started eating this way so we are making additional purchases of spices and things like wild rice that we don't usually buy, and that we are still deciding what foods we like to eat.

Yesterday we tried vegan "hamburgers" made out of mushrooms and other vegetables and hubby said that it tasted like compressed grass so that won't be something we purchase again (we might try a different brand if I hear of something more hamburger-ish).  Today I made vegan chili and hubby added some vegan sausage to his bowl which he actually liked.  Other foods we like: Dave's Killer bread, homemade lentil and black bean soup, black bean tacos with guacamole, hummus and vegies wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, and whole wheat pasta in homemade pasta sauce.  We also eat a lot of fruit and nuts for snacks and desserts as well as salads which tend to go with everything.  Stuff that wasn't such a hit: steel cut oatmeal (takes a long time to cook and we like old fashioned oats better), a cheaper "whole grain" bread which didn't seem very grainy when we ate it, and wild rice which I think I overcooked with too much water so I will need to practice making this.

Overall I think we are making good strides with our new way of eating (or it could have been hubby's cardiologist's pep talk of "change your diet or you will die" which inspired him).  Either way, for someone who has been eating mostly meat and rice for 69 years, hubby is really making an effort to eat the vegan things I make and I am making an effort to be more creative with every meal I cook!

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