Friday, April 13, 2018

Free E-Books

I love to read.  In fact, I usually read two or three hours each evening when hubby is watching TV (the TV is just like background noise to me).  I always have my tablet with my Kindle app on it near by and it contains all kinds of books.  Here is where I get my free e-books:

  • Our library is amazing.  With a library card I can access everything from e-books and e-magazines to movies and music.
  • Amazon Prime Books.  While I have more than enough books from the library, I also have an Amazon Prime subscription which we use for free shipping and free movies (for hubby).  But they also have free e-books which can be borrowed and there are LOTS of them!
  • Reddit Free EBooks.  Redditors share their free e-book finds on this list and there are all kinds of great--legal to download--books on the list.
  • Project Gutenberg.  This site lists more than 56,000 free books that are available to download in a variety of formats.
  • Open Culture.  In addition to offering all sorts of free online courses, this site also offers all kinds of free ebooks.
  • Amazon Top Free Books List.  Even if you don't have Amazon Prime, many authors put their books up for free on Amazon for a limited amount of time; this site lists all of these free books and it is updated hourly.

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