Wednesday, May 23, 2018

One Step Forward, One Step Back

On a happy note...

My patience has paid off and today when we stopped by the Goodwill I was able to find a nearly new waffle maker for $4!  We had waffles for breakfast :)

On a not happy note...

The air conditioning in hubby's van didn't seem to be working so we stopped by the shop and apparently the entire AC system is toast and it will cost $1400(!) to fix.  Since the van is 18 years old and we rarely use it, we skipped the fix.

On a not happy note...

I didn't come up with a way to replace the income I would make with my usual six-week summer job so it's off to work I go next week.

On a happy note...

I got my work schedule and it is exactly what I asked for, I've talked to several of my co-workers and they are all excited about working so the excitement is wearing off on me, and one co-worker said the new policies I was concerned about won't apply to our section.  Yeah!


  1. Oh I'm happy to hear your summer job worked out after all. Not so happy about the a/c. My daughter drives a vintage Ford Aerostar with no a/c. She only has to drive a few miles to and from work, so it's not a big deal. It would cost more than the van's value to fix the a/c. And hooray for waffles!

    1. Yikes you need AC where you live as much as we need it here! Nothing like stepping into an oven for your commute to work!