Tuesday, July 24, 2018

10 Things from Today

Besides being house-bound (it's around 110 degrees outside!), I'm feeling a bit lazy today so here are some random, hopefully useful, things:
  1. Just on the news today...a huge auto parts class action settlement.  See if you qualify here.
  2. You can see if you qualify for other class action settlements here.
  3. My favorite kind of Almond Milk (see above photo) is Califa.  I haven't drank regular milk in ages but it took a while to find a really good tasting alternative.
  4. Because I geek out at science, a cool periodic table here.
  5. I'm looking forward to watching the new movie "Crazy Rich Asians."  (I'll probably compare it to the crazy rich Asians I know!).
  6. There are 160 days left of 2018 (a good website for figuring this out can be found here...it's useful for goal setting).
  7. Lorraine and her husband did a great job of installing their wood floor over at the Clamco blog.  We are talking about doing the same thing so there are lots of useful tips in this post!
  8. And over on Dar's blog she has a great write up on what she has spent on groceries so far this year.  We keep track of our regular spending (bills paid, money spent on gas, vacation spending) but it would be great to track every single thing I buy for a year!
  9. If you need some amusement...startled cat videos.
  10. Finally, Demi Lovato tried to overdose today.  While I don't really know much about her or her music, I do know that overdose deaths are skyrocketing across the country.  TIL (today I learned) that Amazon sells Narcan kits.  Correction, only a couple states allow you to buy Narcan without a prescription.


  1. Are you planning to do the flooring yourself? If not, do you know a reasonable, professional in the LV area that can do the work. I read CLAMCO's post - and we are in the same boat - a little older, and she said her legs are in pain. My husband installed flooring in our house 10 years ago, but we not as agile as we used to. We are retiring to the Las Vegas area - but leased out our house. We get it back next month and before moving in, we want to remove the carpets and put flooring in. Any great information you might have, will be much appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately we don't know any flooring people here and when I got an estimate from Home Depot it was around $8000! I know we would save a lot of money doing it ourselves but we aren't young and agile now either!