Monday, July 2, 2018

A Short Update

I survived...another week of work.  One more week to go!

I today (thanks to the comment from a reader to look for makeup coupons in the junk mail I get each week, I found $5 in coupons to use for the makeup I bought today!).

I'm worried automation is set to replace A LOT of jobs in the not-so-distant future.

I'm thankful for...the hubby, who irons my uniform each day, drives me to and from work each day, and is generally very supportive of me and my little job.

I'  Being in a freezing cold, air conditioned casino each day I don't realize how freakishly HOT it is outside (about 108 degrees today).  Yikes!

I'm annoyed by...every news story about politics (whenever I think political news can't get any worse, it does).

I'm amazed that...the kids lost in the cave in Thailand were all found safe today.  Yeah!!!

I'm looking forward to...4th of July fireworks.  They are amazing in Las Vegas, and as an additional bonus, my neighbors are all pyromaniacs and usually shoot off professional-grade fireworks for the holiday...actually that last part is a bit scary.

I'm glad that...we decided not to travel this year.  A big group of family members are heading for Europe this month, another big group are heading for Asia.  All want us to go with them, but we are standing firm about not traveling anywhere of significance this year.  Whew!

I'm apparently...a math ninja.  When people buy a lot of entry tickets from me at work I don't use a calculator to add up the total cost I just do it in my head.  Several (young) people have asked how I do that.  Um, maybe doing math in your head isn't taught in school any more?

I'm watching...the Bachelorette tonight.  And The Proposal after that.  Don't judge me :)


  1. When I taught GED, the concept of mental math was foreign to younger students. They thought you pictured a problem on a board in your head and used all the same concepts of math on paper.

    1. Interesting. I dont know anything about how math is taught these days but back when I was in school (years and years ago) we often had math competitions when you had to quickly calculate things in your head. I guess things have changed significantly since then!