Monday, July 30, 2018

No Gym for Me, Thank You

A lot of people in Las Vegas go to the gym to work out.  There are fitness centers all over town, some even open 24 hours a day, and memberships are pretty cheap (or so I've heard).  On the other hand, I've heard horror stories about people who sign up for a gym membership then can't get out of the contract for years so they keep getting charged whether they use their membership or not.  eeekkk

I am NOT a gym person.  I spent years in a gym when I was a kid and teenager (gymnastics) but as far as working out in front of a bunch of random strangers, no thank you.  The hubby and I have, however, recently upped our exercise--all for free.  We have a treadmill which we take turns walking on when it is too hot to walk outside, and I do weights (arms), a daily handstand, and calisthenics (push ups, sit ups, squats).  The great thing about calisthenics is that you can do these types of body weight exercises literally anywhere, anytime.  Walking is similar in that all you really need is a pair of shoes (for most people, there is a group of people who swear by barefoot walking but...ick).  I walked one mile outside today which is about tops when the temps are over 100 degrees then did the rest on the treadmill.  Hubby prefers walking the Las Vegas Strip or downtown Fremont as there is more to see.  And we both walk in the mall sometimes when it fits into our schedule.

Pretty much there is no reason not to exercise (and stretch!) a little each day since it is #1, good for your health, and #2, free!

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  1. After an injury, I joined a gym and went six days a week for six weeks. I could only do exercise on a machine. When the doctor operated, he gave me a note to quit. I have never joined a gum before or after this. Exercise at home is better now.