Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Reason #243 to Have an Emergency Fund

It is monsoon season in Las Vegas and last night we got hit pretty hard.  There was a massive rain storm, lots of wind, the power went out in various parts of the city, and there was a lot flooding too.  When we woke up this morning we saw that the neighbor's tree had fallen over into our yard.  When I did a quick Google search about who is responsible if the neighbor's tree should fall into our yard, I was surprised to find out that WE are responsible if something falls into our yard or on our house!  Fortunately we have nice neighbors and the guy came over and cleared the tree out saying it was his tree and he would take care of it but if it would have damaged our house we would have had to file an insurance claim and pay the deductible which is around $1000!  Needless to say many people are probably surprised that the neighbor wouldn't actually be responsible for the tree and according to this story, only 39% of American's have the savings to cover a $1000 emergency.  So this is a reminder to get your emergency fund set up and funded as soon as possible in case of some sort of unexpected emergency!


  1. I was surprised to find that out also. But can't a neighbor sue you anyway? We have a tree that has limbs that hang well over onto the neighbor's property and over their roof. We want to cut it down to avoid any problems should a limb fall on their house.

    1. I was surprised because I figured neighbor's tree, neighbor's responsibility but apparently not? Im not sure if a person could sue to get their deductible back or not but that is a pretty big chunk of change to have to come up with unexpectedly!