Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My $9 Pedometer

I've been thinking about getting a pedometer for a while to accurately track my walking.  I wanted something like the Fitbit One or Fitbit Zip but I was disappointed to find out both of these small, cheaper, clip on pedometers have been discontinued.  I didn't want a fitness tracker that you wear like a watch, I didn't want one that tracks me 24/7, and I really didn't want to spend $150 on a device just to track my steps/miles when I walk.  Plus I wanted it to be accurate as I tried a wrist-worn fitness tracker a while back and it gave me 1000 steps just for washing the dishes (!).

So while perusing Amazon I came across this basic, clip-on type pedometer that is really simple--it tracks steps and miles and time and that's basically it.  It had really good reviews, and it was only $9 so I figured the worst that could happen was that it wouldn't work and I would return it or just toss it since it was so inexpensive.  I used it today and was so amazed that it was accurate, really easy to use, and really easy to set up.  I used it outside, inside, and on the treadmill and it seemed accurate for all three walks.  I'm super stoked to use this tomorrow so hopefully this will inspire me to be more consistent in my walking.  Maybe one day I will even decide to walk a million steps in one month like this guy did!


  1. I had a pedometer and I counted my steps, only to find it was waaay off, so I threw it away.

    1. That has always been my experience with pedometers but this one actually seems accurate!