Tuesday, August 14, 2018

School Shopping

This article on the news today caught my attention--school supplies could cost as much as a mortgage payment.  Wow!  Apparently school supplies for elementary school students cost $662, for middle school students the cost is $1001, and for high school students the cost is $1489.  For one year of stuff!  When I was in school, supplies consisted of paper, some pencils, and 10 cent folders.  We got one pair of shoes and most of our clothes were hand-me-downs.

I have no idea how parents afford this must-have stuff as well as day care for kids.  And have you seen the price of diapers and formula lately?  No wonder people are having fewer kids--they simply can't afford them!

The places I have seen the most parents and kids shopping for school stuff over the past couple weeks include the Goodwill, Target/Walmart/Office Depot for sale school supplies, as well as the Dollar Tree and 99 cent store for supplies.

Fortunately the internet can be really helpful for parents looking to save money when buying all of the stuff their kids need for school.  Here's some great resources:


  1. For my grandchildren in NYC, I shopped at a half-dozen places, getting pencils for one cent, 10 pencils, good ones, for ten cents. I could afford to put it, stuff it, into a USPS box and pay to mail it cheaper than she could purchase it. Her friends were shocked at prices I paid. I was appalled at what they needed. That daughter got new crayons, a couple of pencils, a notebook.

    My children did not automatically get new school clothes. They wore shorts for the first month or more. They wore clothes all summer, so they had plenty of outfits they had worn to nice places during the summer. No one got new shoes who did not need new shoes. Then, a few weeks later when the crowds subsided and sales were abundant, I bought things.

    1. That's a great idea! I never thought about sending school supplies to the grandkids but you are right, we can often get really cheap prices here so sending them in a flat rate box would be a wonderful way to help out the grandkids and their parents!