Monday, September 24, 2018

10 Reasons Las Vegas is an Excellent Digital Nomad Location

I have always been fascinated with digital nomads and was one myself for a short time.  Basically you work from your computer from anywhere you want--home, co working office, the beach--and as long as you get your work done, it doesn't matter when, where, or what time you do the work.  A lot of digital nomads will even work overseas in order to make their earnings go further (a US income while living in Thailand can go a long way!).  While I currently have a home base here in Las Vegas, the city does have a lot of things going for it that makes it attractive to digital nomads including:

  1. Cheap transportation to get here.  Whether you come by plane, train, automobile, or bus (there are so many discount buses here), the fare to get here is usually very low compared to getting to and from other US cities.
  2. Lodging options run from cheap hostels to AirBnBs to hotels to fabulous suites.  Whatever amount you are looking to pay, there is probably a good lodging option here for you.
  3. Food options are also pretty amazing here.  We love hole-in-the-wall places but there are also 50 cent tacos, an entire pizza for $6, dim sum, a $4.99 steak and eggs eating options abound.  But if you want high end we also have fabulous steak houses and $5000 hamburgers if that is your thing.  If you don't want to go out and hunt down some food, Uber Eats and several other food delivery services will deliver a meal to you wherever you are.
  4. There is free wifi and quiet (free) work spaces everywhere.  I work wherever hubby happens to be playing poker so I know every nook and cranny of most of the casinos in town and can find free wifi as well as quiet places to work all over town.
  5. When you get done working or just need a break, there are A LOT of other things to do.  From people watching to free bands to great museums to wonderful places to walk and hike, you can never be bored in Las Vegas and many attractions are cheap or even free!
  6. Networking options can be found everywhere here.  I've lost track of how many people I've chatted with about business/tech/etc just by sitting down in a public place with my laptop.  And if there is a particular topic you like, there are conferences and events that focus on everything under the sun (the music people were in town last week, the vegans will be here next week, cowboys come in November, January is CES) that networking on the topic of your choice is super easy here.  I talked to one guy who comes here for rodeo and horse events who is hired by owners to make sure the stalls they will keep their horses in are safe and up to standard--who knew this was even a job??
  7. If you need office or tech stuff, there are several stores here to buy from.  And if that doesn't work, Amazon will deliver here same-day (sometimes within two hours!).
  8. Business centers also abound here, usually in every hotel, so if you need any special business services, just hit up the business center and problem solved.
  9. Social networks also abound here.  Between Reddit groups and Facebook groups, I've seen people ask for help with every conceivable thing you can think of.  I've seen requests for last minute model-type women to work at a conference booth, people have asked to borrow specific items, meet-ups are scheduled this way, etc.
  10. Finally, if your digital nomading job isn't providing enough income, there are lots of gig-type jobs here that people can pick up to make a few extra bucks.


  1. If it wasn't for the lack of water views, you have described my perfect semi retired nomadic life someday. I would love to do so in London or Paris, but forget but saving anything! Maybe I should visit someday.

    1. The desert is definitely a nice place to check out. I love being near the water too but the desert isn't so bad!

  2. I've never considered Las Vegas as a nomad spot, but what you describe sounds really appealing! Like Sam, I love being near the water, too. I imagine there's pretty easy access to anything you'd want from Las Vegas, though. Maybe a quick flight to the coast every now and then would solve that :)