Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Reason #354 to Have an Emergency Fund...

...because it might not be your emergency but you will need to help cover it.  Hubby has kids scattered all over the country and all over the world.  While they are all adults and quite responsible, one is a hot mess.  The hot mess one lives smack dab in the eye of the hurricane heading to North Carolina.  We were worried about him, mostly because he has no license, no car, and no money so when I asked if he was going to evacuate ahead of the hurricane he said he had to because the evacuation in their area was mandatory.  When I asked how he would evacuate he said he thought he might ride out with a neighbor.  When I asked where they were evacuating he said he didn't know.  When I asked if he had money to evacuate he said not really but they would figure out something.  ayayay

We've helped out all of hubby's kids financially over the years but it is usually for some totally unexpected emergency.  This kid we tend to worry about the most because although he is nearly 40 years old, I swear he can't make good decisions to save his life!  So we will send him money to help him out because while we don't pay bail or child support or other bills that the kids need to man up and pay, we are more than happy to help out in life and death situations.  And this looks like a pretty critical situation.  So, while it is important to have an emergency fund to cover your own emergencies, it is just as important to have a fat and fluffy emergency fund to help out loved ones in a crisis.

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