Monday, October 1, 2018

At the 99 Cent Store

We have a chain of dollar stores in our area called the 99 Cent store.  Before, every single item in the store was 99 cents but they have slowly added higher priced items.  So while many of the items are still 99 cents we will shop at the store, when it switches to most items costing more, like what happened at Dollar General, we probably won't shop there any more.  For now we enjoy getting great deals on everything from bags of fruit and vegetables for $1, cleaning products, and lots of other packaged foods.  I think the prices are so low because the store sells over runs and over stocks and things like bread and produce that is nearing expiration.  And then there are items like I found above which looked like it was destined for China but for some reason didn't head overseas but rather landed in this store.  A full-sized jar of Miracle Whip for 99 cents is a great deal no matter what language the label is written in!


  1. Miracle Whip is a major food group in my house. I have never seen it so cheap. Does it taste like American MW? Or, is it formulated for Chinese taste?

    1. It tastes the same. We often get mayo and Miracle Whip for 99 cents so stock up when we see it at that super low price.

  2. Probably because Trump slapped tarrifs on China....they seem to be buying up Canada now instead