Monday, November 19, 2018

All Set for Our Budget Thanksgiving Dinner

Usually our holiday dinners are HUGE affairs.  We invite everyone in town over or go to the cousin's house but either way hubby and I end up cooking.  Last Thanksgiving we went super low key and had a mini Thanksgiving dinner at home for just the two of us and hubby said that was one of his best holidays ever (cooking for 50+ people makes him very tired these days then there is clean up...).

So we decided to do the same thing for this Thanksgiving.  We will probably go out and about looking at the various cool things in Las Vegas (Bellagio display, Ethel M display, etc) but as far as an official Thanksgiving dinner is concerned, I will cook something simple at home.  I did my shopping for dinner today and it came out to less than $10 for a nice dinner for both of us.  Here's how:

  • Turkey.  We went to the deli of our local grocery store and got a few thick slices of the turkey that they roast at the store (we can't eat a whole turkey and don't want weeks worth of leftovers).  Cost $2.
  • Mashed potatoes.  A 5 pound bag of potatoes was 57 cents so 1/4 of the bag for our dinner is about 15 cents.
  • Gravy.  I use the packaged stuff.  One packet of turkey gravy is 50 cents.
  • Yams.  A 5 pound bag is $1 so one pound of yams for both of us would be 20 cents.
  • Can of green beans.  49 cents on sale.
  • Can of green beans.  49 cents on sale.
  • Stuffing mix.  $1 at the 99 cent store.
  • Dinner rolls.  $1 at the 99 cent store.
  • Can of cranberry sauce.  79 cents.
  • Pumpkin pie.  I will make this myself.  The ingredients cost about $3.
We will probably have a big blowout for Christmas but at least for this holiday it will be simple and quiet (and we will still probably have a bunch of leftovers!).

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  1. There is nothing wrong with simple and quiet. That's how we like it. We were invited to hubby's brother's house but there will be tons of people and kids there and it's just not our scene. We pre-ordered a fried turkey for $35 from the Knights of Columbus and will pick it up on Wednesday. I'll make some sides to go with it and we'll have leftovers for a couple of nights. Works for us. Happy Thanksgiving!