Saturday, November 24, 2018

Our (Free-ish) Christmas Tradition

Starting a couple years ago hubby and I began watching Christmas holiday movies, mostly romances and comedies.  First we did this every day for a week leading up to Christmas, then we started doing this in early December, well this year we started on Thanksgiving evening!

There are lots and lots of (mostly cheesy) romantic holiday movies on Netflix.  So far we have watched 'Falling for Christmas', 'Love at the Christmas Table', and 'The Christmas Wedding Planner'.  All are romances, all star people we have never heard of, all have Christmas as the theme, and so far, they are pretty predictable and cheesy but we like them anyway.

It's a good idea to have holiday traditions and this is one we both enjoy.  Plus there isn't much to watch on TV these days, especially around the holidays when all that we can find on TV is football.  And most importantly, this tradition is free (we would have Netflix anyway so while there is a monthly charge for this, we would be paying the fee anyway which is why I called this a free-ish tradition).

What kind of holiday traditions do you enjoy?

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