Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Some Random Things from Today...

...it's COLD.  At 50 degrees with little humidity that means down jacket and hat weather for us locals who are acclimated to optimal 80 degree temperatures.
...I found this list on reddit which may give you some frugal but useful ideas for Christmas gifts.
...FYI, it's another food recall, this time for ground beef.
...RIP former President Bush.
..this was a long (but interesting!) read on how winning the lottery ruined a man, his family, and his town. 
...this 7 year old makes $22 MILLION a year on YouTube.  Holy cow!
...on the bright side, my state has the fifth most affordable utilities.
...on another bright side, it's rodeo time in Las Vegas--the National Finals Rodeo starts today!
...on the not so bright side, crime and violence seem to be increasing here.

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