Sunday, January 6, 2019

On a Quiet Sunday We Decided to Go See the World's Largest Chevron Gas Station

We are still on our quest to find fun, free things to do everyday so with no plans for today, we decided to head out in search of the World's Largest Chevron Gas Station which just happens to be about 20 miles from Las Vegas.  Sure enough, it was a huge place with 90 gas pumps and the biggest convenience store we had ever seen!


  1. That is a crazy big gas station & convenience store!

  2. Wow. They built one of those mega gas stations near here called Buc ee's (pronounced Bucky's), but it hasn't opened yet. Starting pay is $15-17 an hour but I hear they have seriously high standards. Supposedly this chain boasts the cleanest bathrooms anywhere.

    1. Wow that's good pay in Alabama for a gas station! This gas station we went to looks like it is busy 24/7 with all of the people that travel back and forth between Vegas and LA so the work is probably pretty non stop.