Friday, February 8, 2019

In Today's News...

...people can't access their money in the Wells Fargo bank account because of some sort of nation-wide outage shut down their servers.
...people are also pretty unhappy that they have filed their taxes like usual this year but due to the revamp of the tax code, they are getting less money back or even having to pay!
...this is what happens when people aren't prepared for a snowstorm (hint: the shelves at many stores in Seattle are bare!). is a new scam targeting seniors (any time someone from "law enforcement" calls and threatens you, hang up on them.  If you have a legal problem notice will come in the mail or via a warrant which is hand delivered).
...someone posted this on reddit about how inexpensive Costco insurance is.  I didn't even know Costco sold insurance so you can bet I will call them first thing Monday morning and see if I can get a better deal on my insurance!

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