Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Rant List

My list of current issues:

  1. I broke a chunk off a tooth a couple days ago so I'm off to the (local) dentist tomorrow.  My free dentist (SIL) is in Connecticut so I'll need to figure out if paying for the fix here is more financially feasible than the cost for us to fly across the country.
  2. I still don't have a job/income.  Hubby said "don't worry about it" but I am worrying about it.  On the one hand, I don't like to be financially dependent on anyone, on the other hand there is no job I've come across that is even marginally appealing, and on the other other hand I may have been too rash when I quit my reasonably well-paying cushy job (I was annoyed about the giant pay disparity between what I was getting paid and what my boss was getting paid especially since I was doing my work and part of her deliverables too...she even commented that now she has to wake herself up on time to get to meetings since I am no longer making sure she gets up to go to work!).
  3. Several annual and bi-annual bills should be coming in during the next month or so (HOA, annual webhosting bill, grandson's school registration, family reunion I usually pay for, car insurance, etc.)...yeah I need a job.
  4. Hubby will have a couple eye surgeries and several appointments next month.  The good part is that it's free, the not so good part is that I will be driving him around for the month so I can't really start a job then give them a list of days I can't work!
  5. I fell off the healthy-eating wagon and need to get back to eating better!


  1. Sorry about the tooth. When things are going along smoothly for us, there always seems to be a dental bill waiting to happen at any given moment. lol We just found out we owe on our income tax for the second year in a row. :-(

    1. We owe income tax as well this year and I heard a lot of people who were expecting their usual refund actually are getting very little or even much for tax reform...