Friday, June 7, 2019

An Update in 10 Points

It's been another busy week...
  1. I survived another week of my job (kind of).  I'd finally had enough of processes that didn't work and had a "come to Jesus" discussion with my boss's boss.  I'm surprised I wasn't fired (or maybe I will go back to work in a few days and be off the schedule...who knows).  I am a stickler for processes that are optimized to run smoothly and when things don't work, they need to be fixed ASAP and when people don't care if things work properly I can get cranky...seriously, middle-aged, pre-menopausal women are not to be trifled with.  On the other hand, I should probably be more tactful when I have something to say and maybe try for better timing to discuss my concerns (this is what the tournament looks like
  2. In other work news, I got put into the VIP section for a day and Holy Cow--the amount of money people spend on poker tournaments (this happens to be the biggest poker tournament in the world) is staggering!  The running list of famous people who came through the tournament is pretty impressive and the amount of money people pull out--in cash--is amazing (like $50k to $100k for ONE tournament!).  I WISH I could pull out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and slap it down on my mortgage company's payment window, now THAT would be amazing!
  3. Our new furniture arrived! 
  4. In other furniture news, I now have our old sofa taking up residence in our kitchen.  I tried to sell it on Craigslist and ended up with only one text message from a scammer (this is, I guess, a common scam).  Then I posted it on FB Marketplace and had only one response from someone who wanted to pay $40 instead of the $50 I was asking but when I clicked on his FB profile his photos were of him throwing down gang signs...uh no thanks.  So now the sofa will sit in our kitchen until a local non profit can pick it three weeks which is the soonest they could get it.  Oh well.
  5. In other unrelated news, the new Raider's Stadium is going up quickly.  
  6. Yesterday we went to check out the new Palms Casino buffet (with a two-for-one lunch coupon, of course) and I saw this happy looking artwork on the wall.  
  7. I have always been a fan of Bill Nye.  This NSFW video cracked me up, probably because it was such a departure from his usual kid-friendly videos.
  8. And here are the '100 Best Free Software for Students' list.
  9. This is "free fishing weekend" in many places around the country.  This means you can go fishing for free without having to buy a license or permit--a fun and free (if you have the gear) way to spend the weekend!
  10. Finally, I saw this lady's garden featured on my of my favorite PBS shows, Growing a Greener World.  Her blog is wonderful, her photos are wonderful, and the sheer volume of gardening news and information she provides is amazing!


  1. About #7 I have a sort of connection to Bill Nye. His mother, Jacqueline Jenkins-Nye, and I attended the same college(She graduated in 1942, me in 1981). She was recruited from our college to be a code-breaker in D.C. during WWII for the US military. I've always thought that was interesting. ;-)

  2. Oh I hope you're still on the schedule when you get back to work. Bosses don't tend to keep underlings that are smarter than they are. Crossing my fingers for you. Enjoy your new living room. Looks very comfy!

    1. After being my own boss for so long I think I am basically unemployable :O

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