Thursday, July 18, 2019

10 Interesting Links

A round-up of links from my favorites file...

  1. A friend drives for Uber and said he makes more from the clubs than he does driving for Uber.  Right after he told me this I came across this article which explained all (hint: the more people you can take to a strip club, the more money you can make!).
  2. I had heard of Patreon before but never really looked into it.  Apparently it is an app that allows people to financially support artists and creators.
  3. Then I came across this article about Mechanical Turk.  I had signed up for this some years ago but never used it (looking at jobs that literally paid pennies was not very encouraging) but apparently there are ways to actually make money from this site...kind of.
  4. Here's a bunch of good tips for people who like to go on cruises.  I knew most of these tips but had never thought of the idea of putting on the TV Bridge-cam station if you are in an interior room in order to provide a "natural" sort of lighting.  Our first cruise was a cheap interior room and then never again (talk about claustrophobia--I would rather pay more for a cabin with an actual window!).
  5. Did you buy anything on Amazon Prime Day(s)?  I didn't find anything I needed but if I had been a camera buff and saw these deals I probably would have been in Seventh Heaven!
  6. Here are some tips for getting the best prices on airline tickets.  One daughter just called and said she will be getting married in Las Vegas in a few months and asked if we could arrange for everyone (100+ people) to get to Vegas on time and as cheaply as possible (!)(eeekkk).  I will probably use Google flights and set alerts for the cities that people are coming from.  We won't be paying for these flights (mostly, probably for some of the grandkids) but just letting everyone know when I see the best prices.
  7. Money Diaries is an interesting look at how people live and how they earn, spend, and save money in various places around the US.
  8. One topic that has come up with the family recently is cars.  One SIL is getting pretty old and inform so she recently sold her car and switched to paratransit when she needs to go somewhere.  That's probably safer for all involved but she isn't very happy about it.  I wish we could get rid of our cars and just take Uber or Lyft (I think it would actually be cheaper on a monthly basis than our current situation of having two cars) but hubby doesn't much like the idea.  FWIW car ownership is very expensive and a big drain on most people's budget.
  9. Some new subreddits I have been perusing lately: AITA (interesting moral dilemmas), Dave Ramsey (good financial info), and AntiConsumption (inspiring for us frugal people).
  10. And some family drama from a distant part of the family...the whole financial power of attorney thing can turn into a disaster.  

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  1. It is late, so tomorrow I will start on the links. some look very interesting. Thanks.