Tuesday, August 6, 2019

10 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. We have beautiful sunsets here...
  2. If people would stop murdering each other that would be nice (El Paso, Dayton, and even in my own city).  So sad and frustrating.
  3. On a happier note, there are so many interesting people on YouTube.  Watching the positivity of this lady's interview made me happy today.
  4. Speaking of YouTube, this guy and his quest for minimalism was also a fascinating watch.
  5. Comcast has a new $10 internet plan!
  6. My tablet has been acting up (it's an old Galaxy Tab S2 and I love it, it's fast and the 8 inch size is perfect but the battery life is dwindling and now it randomly gets into a reboot cycle which is beyond annoying).  This may be my next tablet...although I need to be PATIENT and wait until it goes on sale since I hate paying full price for anything!
  7. Bullet journaling looks like such a cool and useful hobby.  I love notebooks and pens and writing lists and while I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I love looking at how other people decorate their journals (mine is a basic written daily "to do" list, not artistic but really useful).
  8. I was glancing through this list of class action lawsuits and there are so many--some for very common products.  I generally check this list every few months and have qualified for some in the past (usually you will get a check for a few dollars, once I was surprised with a check for about $75).
  9. It's hacker week in Las Vegas!  There are three big hacker conferences this week, the most interesting for the average techie being DefCon.  I haven't ever attended this conference because the people and topics are miles ahead of my minimal tech abilities but I follow the goings on on Twitter (search #DEFCON and #DEFCON27) and I avoid The Strip like the plague (they tend to hack ATMs and open wifi, and anything else they can in order to be disruptive).
  10. On a personal note, the money I earned from my summer gig is almost gone so I need to get busy developing a business or multiple streams of income or something (other than an actual job, I am so not a regular job kind of person).

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