Sunday, December 1, 2019

Holiday Shopping...Or Not

When the Black Friday ads started coming out--at about the time we were cleaning up from Halloween!--there was so much cool tech that I absolutely wanted.  Note that I really don't even need any new tech as my phone still works great, my laptop is awesome, and I have not one but two tablets which also work great.  But I love tech and the prices on everything from tablets and laptops to appliances and TVs are soooo cheap this year!

The first item on my list was a Fitbit which was on sale for only $49.  I figure that having a Fitbit will inspire me to walk more (I think this every year when they are heavily advertised!) so I told hubby that I was going to pick one up and he said "why? you've had three of them and you return them within a week."  Hubby is right, of course.  I just couldn't really get into Fitbits before because they were so complicated.  I couldn't turn them on and off when I wanted, I had to wear them around my wrist and I never wear watches or jewelry so it was kind of annoying, and they just seemed like more hassle than they were worth.

So I decided not to pick up the Fitbit and tried to figure out what else I could use instead and I found that there are several free apps for my cell phone that would basically do the same thing.  I tried a couple of apps which I didn't like then I read about a simple pedometer app--called Pedometer, how basic is that?--which is super basic and easy to use.  I gave it a try today when I did a 10k and I LOVE it!  It is super simple, just push start when I start walking and stop when I am done, and it is also very accurate even though I was walking both inside and outside.

A bit of creativity--and free technology--saved me at least $50!  Now I am going to look at the other things on my "want" list and try to come up with cheaper solutions that would be just as good as spending money on stuff I don't really need.

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