Thursday, December 26, 2019

New Year Resolutions for 2020

There's only five days left of this year and of this decade.  The 2010s have been quite the decade for us--we started the decade with an ordinary house, ordinary jobs, and ordinary (like many Americans) debt, then sold the house, paid off all the debt, put a few things in storage, and traveled for nearly two years before buying a house in Las Vegas and settling down again.  Since then we have had medical emergencies, cool vacations, interesting jobs, taken on some debt, met lots of interesting people, and learned all about living in the desert.  Hopefully the next year--and decade--will bring amazing new adventures and opportunities for us!  Here are my new year resolutions for 2020:
  1. Walk 2020 miles during the year (that's about 5.5 miles per day).
  2. Try to be as close to 100% whole-food, plant-based vegan as possible.
  3. Be 100% debt free including the house.
  4. Write and publish a series of books.
  5. Learn to play the piano.
  6. Aim to be more minimalist/zero-waste/simple living/anti-consumption as possible.
  7. Do a different activity in the community every day.
  8. Visit every Nevada State Park and complete their park passport challenge.
  9. Do one preparedness activity a week.
  10. Complete the following AVA (walking club) cards: 50 states, 51 capitals, A-Z cities, and Centurion. 


  1. Those are all lofty goals! But, I know you can do it.

  2. Yes, a lot has happened in a decade. I started blogging in 2010, so I've been following you since you sold your house and all your possessions. It freaked me out, but at the same time I admired you greatly for it. I love your list. We are continuing to not eat meat. Going vegan is too extreme for us as we enjoy cheese and eggs, but not eating meat has been a fairly easy transition so far. We continue to try and live simply and walk daily, although not as far as you, but we are still moving, which is good. And except for our regular monthly bills, we are debt free! Our focus in the new decade will be how and when to retire.

    1. I think we started blogging about the same time, you were the first person to ever comment on my blog! Both of our lives have changed quite a bit over the past decade!

    2. Indeed they have!!! I didn't know I was the first to comment. That's cool! :-)

  3. Those are some ambitious goals. I especially like the visit every State park in Nevada. How many are on the list?

    1. There are only 27 parks so I think it is do-able (some states have 100+ parks which would really be a challenge) and the reward is a free annual parks pass for the next year!

  4. That is a busy list, but one that seem like it will be both healthy and mentally stimulating. Good luck.