Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Spending More, Spending Less

So far we have been quarantined to home, with a couple of trips out for groceries, for about 23 days!

From my calculations, we are spending more on:

  • Utilities (I think; we haven't got our utility bills yet but we are using a lot more water theses days as well as gas for cooking and baking).
  • Bulk buying (rice, for example).
  • Prescriptions (I ordered one of hubby's prescriptions online today and it cost $29 for a three month order, the cost is usually $0).

And spending less on:

  • Clothing and household stuff from the Goodwill (I miss going to the Goodwill where I get all of my clothes!).
  • Gas (we filled up the car's gas tank about March 15th and we are still on full!).
  • Restaurant food (so far hubby has had exactly one hamburger he picked up at Jack in the Box drive thru last week; we are starting to miss our buffet lunches).
  • Groceries (we usually stop by the grocery store, 99 Cent store, Walmart, etc. every few days; now we are only going to a couple of stores every week to ten days).
  • Entertainment (no bowling, no poker, no other entertainment like the occasional bingo game or movie...staying at home means zero entertainment costs).
  • Shopping (I have been thinking about getting a new pair of walking shoes but since I don't know when our walking club walks will resume, I've put this off.  I am also looking for a new tablet but since we are only at home, my laptop works just fine).
  • Food (we have gone nearly zero-waste when it comes to food.  Nothing gets thrown out, leftovers are eaten the next day or frozen for a future meal, and nothing is left to rot in the back of the fridge because we don't get around to using it).
  • Make up and grooming (I haven't really put on makeup in weeks, hubby cut my hair and he has left his hair to grow out until the salons reopen).
  • Travel and events (we had planned to travel a bit this spring and there were several parties and events that we were supposed to attend which were all cancelled so money spent on all of these things was $0).
Apparently being a recluse is a vary cost-saving activity, on the other hand, we can't wait to get back to our usual routine!


  1. Fr me, it's no Trivia night beer and tips, no eating out, no book club meet-ups, little to no gas, and yes, no odd stops just because. I'l gladly spend more once this is all done.