Friday, May 15, 2020

I Saved $200 Today!

I got my annual web hosting bill today which runs about $200 per year.  When I used to host a lot of websites I thought that was a great deal but now, I only host a half dozen sites for some very small non profits.  Since I do these sites for free, I don't make any money at all from webhosting and maintenance so spending $200 is more than I want to "donate" to the cause, so to speak.  I looked at the various options--free webhosting platforms which all had pretty iffy reviews, and cheap webhosting platforms which would still run me about $100 per year--and figured I need to find a free-ish way to do this. 

What I ended up doing was whipping up free Blogger sites for these tiny organizations then repointing the domain names from their hosted sites to their new Blogger sites.  Now the only cost is the annual domain name renewal fee (about $10 each) which I am happy to pay for.  The information they need to share with their readers is still available, and while the sites could look better (if I get time I will go in and mess with the HTML and see if I can improve the look of the sites), this is better than getting a big bill every year!