Friday, June 5, 2020


Today we went and played bingo!  We are tying to do at least one activity a day so when I saw that the nearest bingo place was open we went to check it out.  People were well spread out and it was a fun time even though we didn't win.  We only spend $7 per person when we play but the lady ahead of me spent $150 for her bingo packet! Yikes!  After bingo we checked out the rest of the casino and were surprised at how busy it was.  The poker room was busy (but only four players per table instead of 10...hubby will wait to play poker since he doesn't want to be that close to people yet), the bowling center was open and had quite a few people bowling, the restaurants had people eating there but no buffet yet, and judging by the license plates in the parking lot, it looked like a lot of people escaped from California to come to Vegas this weekend!

On another note, I saw this interesting service by Zappos--where they help you with literally anything--which sounds cool but I haven't tried it yet, and if you like hunting, this business will pay someone $1000 to binge watch a hunting show!

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