Monday, July 6, 2020

10 Things Unrelated to Money

The photo is unrelated to anything too, I was reviewing some of my photo files and ran across it.

Anyway...just cleaning out my favorites file and thought I would share...

  1. I love geography so when I came across this post about the 'weirdest small towns in America', I had to add several of these to my "must visit" list!
  2. This map is so cool!  Not only does it show you weather and wind information as well as other things of interest to meteorologists, it also has a map full of webcams you can click on to see what's happening at random places all over the world!
  3. Are you looking for a pen pal?  This North Carolina assisted living facility is looking for pen pals for their lonely residents who have been in lockdown there for months.
  4. I came across this video and was fascinated.  My body used to look like that and I used to dance like that but now...not so much, not even close.  I am inspired to get back into better shape just from watching this video!  On a sad note, when I went looking for more videos of this couple, I could find very few and then found out that he had passed away not long after he made this video and it doesn't look like she continued dancing after his death  Very sad.
  5. Hubby and I spent a quiet 4th of July at home and watched the fireworks from our yard.  Actually it wasn't that quiet as it seemed like everyone was shooting off professional-grade fireworks in our neighborhood and the fire department was pretty busy as well.
  6. RIP Charlie Daniels, one of the best fiddle players ever!
  7. Two things I am watching on Netflix, Queer Eye (one of the happiest and most positive shows on TV), and the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries, one of my favorite shows from the 1980s.
  8. Elections are coming up in a few months so be sure to vote.  The political ads have already started and Kanye wants to run for president...eeekkkk
  9. A wholesome Facebook community...that's almost an oxymoron.  But this looks like a nice group page anyway, My House, Not My Cat.
  10. Finally, I guess I don't watch much TV (actually I love old TV shows and movies, not so much the new stuff); I looked at this quiz and didn't know a single answer!  Yikes!


  1. I got three of the quiz. Three hours later, I got through all the ten sites. Good ones.

    1. LOL that is how I go down the rabbit hole of interesting websites then look up and realize how much time has passed!

  2. My younger son was introduced to a couple years ago when he took a drone course. It's very cool.

    1. I never thought of using the site for drones but that is a great idea!

  3. My House, Not My Cat was great. I read through it for an hour and shared with Tommy.

    1. I had an elderly friend who had a small door for her cat to go in and out of the house and she ended up with all sorts of cats--and all sorts of creatures including a raccoon once--in her house!