Thursday, August 13, 2020

10 Things from Today

In no particular order...

  1. I got my driver's license renewed. Finally!  I had an appointment to do this back in March but they closed the DMV a few days prior to my appointment so when they reopened a month ago, I got my new appointment for today.  Everything went fine (I probably need to get my vision checked, I didn't flunk the vision test but I didn't do well with it either...I think I spend too much time on my laptop/tablet/phone screens and not enough time looking at distant things.  Or I'm just getting old.  eeekkk).  Of course even with an appointment, the DMV was still like a three-ring circus.  People and disorganization everywhere but at least I don't have to go back for another eight--or maybe 16--years!
  2. Hubby is getting good at using FB messenger/Zoom to talk to his family.  Today he set up messenger on my phone, set it on a tripod, then proceeded to teach his sister how to make the Filipino dishes he was cooking us for dinner.  It was a fun experience and she will cook this for her family tomorrow!
  3. Be sure to register to vote!  I think this election will be very crucial to our overall well being as a country.  Also be sure to get your ballot, if it is the mail-in kind, sent in ASAP.  Trump seems to be trying to defund the post office so they can't process mail in ballots.  ayayay
  4. If you haven't done the census yet, you can do it online (and save some poor person from having to come to your house to get your info in the middle on a pandemic!).
  5. Be sure to check your local websites and see if they have any good deals for locals.  In our case, we get a good veterans discount on our car registration fee, our energy company is giving out free dryers and refrigerators, and there are also several new programs to help people financially through this covid mess.
  6. Something new on our library's ebook check-out system.  I used to go to the library website and check books out for free from the library and they somehow got delivered to my Kindle app via Amazon.  Now I have access to several more books from my favorite authors via Hoopla.  The library system and the Hoopla system used to be separate but now they are integrated so all books are checked out through the library website but they get delivered via Amazon and/or Hoopla so it seems like there are a whole lot more books available now!
  7. Covid is still doing its thing.  The numbers in our state are up, our school district is still trying to figure out what to do with 350,000 kids this school year (school is supposed to start in two weeks!), and our city is both desperate for tourists (the life-blood of the economy) and afraid of them (how many are bringing covid with them or taking away a nasty case of the virus when they leave?).  Oddly enough, house prices are still at an all-time high...a good time for us to sell if you ask me (hubby, alas, is totally happy living here so we may not be moving any time soon).
  8. I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can walk.  I usually work half the summer at the World Series of Poker which keeps me busy and walking a lot but this summer seems to be dragging on forever with nothing to do but be stuck inside!
  9. Our local animal shelter is participating in the Clear the Shelter event for the entire month of August which means people can adopt animals for free (I think the usual cost is around $150) which is a huge savings and a great way to get animals out of shelters and into homes!
  10. Did you know that if you go outside at night and look up, you may be able to see the Perseid Meteor Shower?  It is still going on and something interesting to look at!

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  1. I have to get my dl by Sept 12. I am registered to vote and I have filled out the census for both of us. The weather where you are certainly is too hot to walk. We will get out yet to see the falling stars.