Sunday, November 1, 2020

5 Things from This Weekend

 In no particular order...

1.  We set our clocks back and hour--and woke up and hour earlier so really didn't "gain an extra hour".  It does get dark awfully early now.

2.  We didn't do the trick or treating thing last night but we did enjoy the big full moon (my camera doesn't take good moon pictures unfortunately).  

3.  I did another 10k volksmarch this morning (that's 22k of walking in two days!) in downtown Las Vegas. 

4.  I learned that Canada has an annual hair freezing contest?!?

5.  My friend just got back from the Mayo Clinic and she is raving about their rare diseases program.  When several doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her daughter, they went to the Mayo Clinic and, while there still isn't a diagnosis, she was really impressed with the program which is now working to figure out what is wrong with her daughter.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!


  1. Happy belated Halloween!
    Enjoy that huge full moon...we won't get another Halloween full moon until 2039!

    1. Thank you and I didn't know about the full moon (19 years???) so that was interesting info!

  2. i hate the early dark hour. I went out to see the moon but forgot to take a picture. I think your picture is great. I have had my hair freeze but not on purpose. I hope your friend figures out what is wrong with her daughter. I have a couple of rare diseases and it was awful not knowing what was wrong.

    1. LOL I have had my hair freeze accidentally before but never on purpose!