Saturday, December 12, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 12 Downtown Las Vegas (Grid Square)

My activity today was to explore an area of my city and see what is happening there.  I got this idea from Alistair Humphrey who is now challenging himself to mark off grid squares on a map of his area then go out and explore the area in the square and see what is there.  Here's what I found today in downtown Las Vegas...

  • A hungry limo driver (that's his Chik Fil A order on the hood of his limo)  

  • A cool building  

  • A guy way up on the roof of this huge building was pulling a rope up the side of the building (that's him looking over the edge of the building)

  • A guy and girl pulled up in front of the jail, they hopped out of the car, then he started taking pictures of her  

  • And the interesting sight of a palm tree right next to another tree shedding it's leaves for winter  


  1. Don't you wish you knew the story behind all those neat photos? Of course, we can write our own stories. Exploring a grid is a great idea.

    1. Yes there are so many interesting buildings to photograph in Vegas!