Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 16 Baking!

Today's activity was to get all of my holiday baking done. The cakes in the picture above are just the beginning.  Next up brownies followed by sugar cookies and maybe chocolate chip cookies after that.  We have several people to make trays of goodies for and then we will deliver them tomorrow morning.  That is the extent of our holiday activities for this year--no annual holiday fish fry, no Christmas eve party with 50+ people, no Christmas day bowling tournament which we have been doing for nearly a decade...a very low key Christmas indeed.  Hopefully by next Christmas all will be back to normal!


  1. Those cakes look delicious. I know the recipients will appreciate them. Lots of us are not having the same Christmas activities this year.

    1. Thanks. It seems like a small thing to do but hopefully everyone stays safe and happy at home until the pandemic is over!