Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 30 Wrapping Up the Year

 Today we did a lot of small tasks to kind of wrap up this year and get ready for next year...

  • we cleaned up the yard which really needed it.  It's lovely being able to do yard work in the warm sunshine at the end of December.
  • we had lunch at Olive Garden and finished up a gift card.
  • the daughter called with the good news that she just got engaged and is planning a wedding in March (we are excited for her and like the guy but we hope they stream the wedding because no way are we traveling anytime soon!).
  • I tried watching Bridgertons on Netflix because it was supposed to be based on one of my favorite book series by Julia Quinn.  Unfortunately I was expecting more Downton Abby and less Hamilton and it ended up being more Hamilton and less Downton Abby.  I'm a stickler for historical accuracy but give musical theater a pass.  Needless to say I like the books much better than the Netflix series version.
  • the son called and the grandson dropped out of university.  The entire family is horrified, no less because his entire university education would have been free.  Some kids would kill for such an opportunity and he is like "meh I don't like school."  Ayayay
  • I checked the bank today and so far no stimulus checks even though the news said the checks would be deposited today.  Fortunately we aren't in a hurry for the money but it will be a nice little bonus to add to our mortgage payoff.
  • our walking club will have a quick meeting this evening (via Zoom which is so much more convenient than in person).  I am really looking forward to the group resuming their walks after the beginning of the year!
  • we will spend tomorrow evening at home and ring in the new year (if we even stay awake until midnight!) by watching the festivities on TV.  Even though there are no events planned for New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, they still plan to have 200,000 people wandering the Strip and Downtown.  We will opt out this year for obvious reasons.
I like how this year is winding down to a close.  It seems like in just a couple days we will be able to get past 2020 and start a fresh, hopefully better 2021!

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  1. Too bad about the grandson! Any idea of why or his plans? We will be alone here, watching tv and having snacks.