Saturday, January 9, 2021

Did I Say 'What Could Be Worse Than 2020?'

Remind me not to ask such questions again.  I was hoping 2021 would be a much better year than 2020 because what could be worse than a global pandemic, economic devastation for many, and supply chain disruptions?  An attempted siege of our nation's capital building wasn't even a possibility until a few days ago!

I swear people have lost their minds (not you people but mostly everyone else).  I would love to go back to a non-pandemic, financial prosperity for all sort of life but I think that may be asking too much this year.

For now we'll just keep our heads down, keep living our life, strive to get our house paid off, get several renovation projects done, and stockpile more savings too.  I try to stay off social media/regular media as much as possible because it just makes you hate everyone, and I try to walk and do deep breathing exercises more often as both are very relaxing.

On a happy note, we have sent three boxes of stuff to the Philippines, the weather is always bright and sunny here, and I finally figured out how to fix my messaging app and the battery drain issue on my cell phone (a hard reset and changing several app settings fixed these issues).

I hope you are all doing fine at the start of this year and I will keep hoping for peace and prosperity for all!


  1. It looks like we will have two red-letter years. What all did you send to the Philippines?

    1. We send mostly clothes and shoes, canned food, a little candy, special requests like a basketball for the grandson and a new sheet set for the DIL, and believe it or not, we send 50 pound bags of rice back to Asia where it came from! I guess food is getting more and more expensive there so by sending food it takes the financial strain off of them.

  2. Hang in there. Stay safe and stay well. Sending hugs!

  3. Like you, I had high hopes for 2021. .. So far, it's not to be. I'm continuing to focus on our lives, helping others, attempting to be positive, and planning for the future. But, not going to lie, it was a challenge last week for sure.

  4. That capital riot was totally scary even though it was so far from us, it's like stuff you see in unstable countries not here. Yikes!