Tuesday, March 16, 2021


I'm in a minimizing mood so I've done a bunch of things to clear out stuff and clean up my tech, including...

  • cleaned out my closet and started another box of stuff to send to the Philippines (mostly clothes and food plus any special things they request we send)
  • cleaned out the pantry and refrigerator and got rid of things that were old but we thought we might eat someday (mochi that I didn't like the taste of but it seemed too good to throw away, star anise that we bought for a recipe but everyone we cook for decidedly doesn't like star anise so out it went, etc)
  • put a few bigger things aside that I no longer use (piano keyboard, HAM radio) that I will list for sale on FB Marketplace
  • cleaned up my cell phone and removed all the apps that I no longer use as well as removed all social media apps (when I am out and about I try not to be on social media at all and just enjoy being present where ever I am).  I mostly only use my cell phone for banking (depositing checks online), taking photos, and using the pedometer app
  • cleaned up my tablet and only included entertainment apps (I mostly use my tablet for consumption/entertainment) so this includes social media apps, Kindle app, You Tube, Netflix, Pluto TV, etc.
  • cleaned up the files on my laptop then backed up all of the files on my computer to a thumb drive
  • deleted a couple social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram).  I would love to delete ALL social media apps but we still use Facebook to communicate with family and I use reddit even though it is a giant time sink!
  • cancelled a credit card that I never use (I have one credit card that I use and pay off monthly and another credit card that comes with another bank account); this was another random card that I never use so I figured I would cancel it so I would have one less thing to keep track of!
  • updated the beneficiaries on my bank accounts.  I saw a show where the guy died and all of the money in his bank accounts went to his ex wife because he never changed the beneficiary on his accounts to his new wife.  Needless to say his new wife wasn't happy about that!  Hubby and I have both joint and individual accounts and these accounts were opened so many years ago we couldn't remember who we put as our beneficiaries so these were updated (I guess the 'payable on death' beneficiary is different than who you have as your heirs in you will?).
Kind of a busy day but I feel so much more organized now!


  1. You have been busy! I think it is nice that you send things to the Phillipines. What are the kinds of special things they request. I asked once and forgot...lol.

    1. They like sports things like basketballs and soccer balls. They also ask for things like the latest iPads and iPhones and we have to explain we aren't rich like the people they see on American TV shows!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed MY ex didnt make all those changes!

  3. I started a donate box and Tommy merged it back with stuff to keep!

    1. Sounds like something my husband would do! I'm the minimaist and he is the maximalist!