Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Several Random Things

It's a pretty quiet week around here.  In other news...

  • The photo above is of a neighbor's yard.  Everything in the yard is plastic and from the Dollar Tree!  I think the guy finally got tired of the HOA (if you have two weeds in your yard you will definitely hear about it in a warning letter from the HOA!) so it looks like he made a yard that will never change and always look pretty!
  • Here are 99 Bits of Unsolicited Advice from Kevin Kelly.  Interesting stuff here!
  • I saw this story on the news about a teacher who is running a marathon in order to raise funds for tech equipment for his school.  On the one hand, what a great teacher!  On the other hand, how messed up is it that teachers need to fund their own tech gear for their students?
  • This is a cool webpage from NASA where you can learn about astronauts and even request a free picture of them!
  • It seems like everything is increasing in price!  But in our recent shopping we found: a Kipling purse for me at the local Kipling outlet store which was 70% off!  I love Kipling bags but there is no way I will pay $100 for a purse when I can wait and get the same exact purse for $30.  Hubby found a side of pork at our military base commissary for around $1.50 per pound which is much cheaper than any outside store (no he will never be vegan even though I tried to get him to change...I figure it is better he is happy for the last years of his life rather than grumpy for the last years of his--extended by going vegan--life).  So now we have a freezer full of pork at very little cost and hubby is happy.  And finally, I have been looking for a faster laptop and while I was prepared to pay up to $1200 for one, I was perusing TechBargains and found a flash sale for a Lenovo C940 laptop for only $700 so I jumped on it and it is on its way to our house as I type this.  It is a great deal for an i7/12GB RAM/256GB SSD laptop and my current laptop will be used by hubby.  The laptop that he uses upstairs--as opposed to downstairs where he uses one of my very good older laptops--is a dinosaur that is falling apart.  Since he wants a bigger screen than the 15" laptop, I will find him a monitor (on sale of course) and hook up the laptop to a larger monitor for a fraction of the cost of buying him a whole new laptop!


  1. I knew an elderly guy who always had nice flowers, but nothing in abundance. Finally, one cold November day, I realized all those roses were just plastic. And, he could have any flowers but was just too feeble to garden.

  2. It really is insane what everything is costing..we have had a daughter staying with us for 10 months now.. and its costed so much more in power, food.. we love her but not easy when things cost so much!

    1. It seems like everything--from lumber to gas to food to tech--is costing so much more these days!