Monday, September 20, 2021

And Five More Things...

Here are a few more things I forgot to add to the last post...

  1. This Saturday (September 25) is National Public Lands Day which means free entry day to our national parks.  You should also check your state parks website as our state parks are also free on this day.
  2. If you are diabetic or diabetes runs in your family (it's super simple to get checked for this) please stay on top of this issue to preserve your health.  My friend called me last week and told me her mom had to have her foot cut off due to her chronic diabetes (gangrene sets in and then no more foot :(  Diabetes also affects a person's vision and kidneys in a really bad way).  Eeeekkk
  3. Prepare for cold and flu season ASAP.  Again, with covid and the many supply chain issues, I went out this past weekend and picked up extra kleenex, Therflu, Tylenol, etc.  Some of the supplies of these and other cold/flu medications were looking pretty sparse.  Some people are saying this could be a bad flu season on top of the covid issue so prepare now.
  4. Tonight is the Harvest Moon and in a couple days it will be the autumnal equinox.  It was so nice to walk today with temps at 79 instead of 109!  I love that fall is finally here!
  5. We are entering political season with people already announcing their candidacy for the 2022 elections (governor and congressional seats are up for grabs in our state).  Political ads are sure to follow...ick.


  1. The cooler weather sounds like a real joy for walking. I will go out this week or next and get supplies for flu season. There are lots of bare shelves here. It is sort of worrisome. I worry about my diabetes all the time!

    1. If you can, stock up on diabetes shortages yet but the supply chain mess is getting scary!