Monday, October 4, 2021

Another Boring Update

I haven't been blogging much lately because it has been pretty boring around here!

  • It's still hot here even though it is so late in the year.  I guess climate change is happening right here, right now!  eeekkk  Although I must say the low 90s are somewhat better than 110 degrees!
  • I made the cookies in the picture above a couple nights ago.  I used this recipe and they came out light and crispy and yummy!
  • We continue to shop and stockpile as it seems the supply chain is getting even more wonky as the days go by.  Fortunately we don't need much--mostly food--and the kids and grandkids will get money for Christmas (I am pretty much done with the post office, we haven't had a package arrive on time and intact in ages.  One flat-rate box we sent to the SIL looked like someone danced all over it before delivering it to her several days late!).
  • Doom-scrolling is a thing which I need to stop myself from doing.  It seems like every website I go to has bad news and horrible news and nothing positive or happy these days.  Maybe a complete media/social media break is in order?
  • Speaking of doom-scrolling, I came across this article and it made me think how close so many people are to living in their cars if they get hit by one or two financial disasters.  I would like to think we are in pretty good financial shape but I guess one never knows.  Double yikes!
  • On a happier note, I have been watching a lot of YouTube live cams.  From bears to checking out what is going on in my city to so many other things, this is a great way to see what's happening all over the world without even leaving your house!


  1. Videos do help us to see a bit of the world. the bears are very interesting, and the deers crashing though doors and windows! Oh my, how I love those. Did you see my bit of stockpiling and great prices today? We don't eat that much Campbell's soup, but this is a great price.

    Most of my packages from anywhere are put on the end of the porch where neither Tommy nor I can safely reach it. There is a ramp, so you would think that a delivery person would realize a person with mobility issues lives here. But, they are lazy.

  2. It was nice to see a post from you and never boring..and thank you for adding me to your blog roll- I welcome others you follow to please add my site to theirs as well if you wnjoy my blog. Have been writing for 14 years on it.