Wednesday, December 22, 2021

10 Things from This Week

The week before Christmas is always busy...this is what we have been doing...

  1. I got a bunch of cookies, cakes, and brownies made then hubby and I spent a whole day delivering them (nearly everyone has gate guards or gate codes to get into their community then after you get in and go to drop off the treats we need to visit for a bit with everyone...this all took a while!).
  2. I was happily surprised to get a Christmas gift from my friend in Japan (see photo above).  We have been sending gifts back and forth for more than 35 years!  She sent me some nice towels, candy, matcha to make tea with, and a tea container.
  3. I signed up to volunteer at CrimeCon this year.  While attending these conferences is fun, it can also be expensive so a good way to get in free to many major events in Las Vegas is to volunteer--they get much needed free help and volunteers get a free pass to the event!
  4. We don't really have a plan for Christmas but we will probably just stay home and make a small dinner just for us.  We have a friend who is 91 years old and lives alone (her family lives in another state and don't visit often) so we are taking her to do a couple activities during the holidays to keep her busy (she still drives and is very healthy and active but during the holidays her usually activities like bowling leagues are cancelled until after the new year).  This week it is open bowling and a state park, next week it will be a movie and a local history museum.
  5. I'm looking at several activities for the upcoming year but with covid, who knows how this will turn out (even CES, a major conference that takes place each year in Las Vegas, looks like it is iffy whether it will go or not).  I would love to go to the Historical Romance Retreat and do the AVA Centurion challenge (100 10k walks, hopefully two per state) but again, so much is still up in the air with the virus :(
  6. I found this vest at the Goodwill for $10 yesterday.  It was in like-new condition and I will try wearing it for walking instead of using a daypack.  Such a great find!
  7. So far we have resisted buying anything new this season.  Everyday there are a massive amount of "last minute Christmas gift" items on sale--everything from tech stuff to appliances to clothes and other nice things but we really don't need anything so despite the "great deals", we would rather save money instead of buying things we don't really need.
  8. There are shortages of staff everywhere.  I went to get the oil in our car changed yesterday and it took two hours!  The girl who runs the business said she had one mechanic of ten years just up and quit one day, finding new mechanics was really hard, and I guess people have been having a lot of car issues since the waiting room was packed and the phone was ringing off the hook!  Yikes!
  9. The winter solstice was yesterday so from here on out each day should be a bit longer and brighter!
  10. I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful Christmas season!


  1. Why is it so hard you think to keep staff all over?

    1. No idea. It seems like lots of people need the money so I'm not sure how they can just quit and not work and still pay their bills! I think this question even has prominent economists stumped!

  2. That is a wonderful deal on the vest. I have always wanted one of those. It is very nice of you to take your elderly friend places. I would fall down if I tried to bowl! If I could, I would volunteer for all sorts of venues to get a free pass.

    1. We have the best Goodwills here (I think because the population is so transient a lot of people just donate most of their stuff when they move away). It is definitely a treasure hunt every time we go there!