Monday, February 7, 2022

Saving Money on Food and Other Things

The picture above is what I do nearly every time I cook dinner--make a family-sized batch of food, hubby and I eat dinner, then I freeze the leftovers in individual portion sizes so that any time I (or we) are hungry for a quick lunch or dinner, I just pull one out, pop it in the microwave, and "ta da" instant meal.  Not only does this save food (the leftovers don't go into the garbage) but it also saves us from eating out because we are too tired (or lazy) to cook.  Right now I have a couple of shelves of these containers in the freezer, including Mexican casserole, veggie tikka massala, beef barley soup, veggie Japanese curry, black bean soup, etc.

Some other things...

  • I applied to work at the World Series of Poker.  I haven't worked at the event for two years so I am really looking forward to working!
  • I also saw that CrimeCon will take place in Las Vegas this spring so I volunteered to work this three-day event.  I just got a reply saying they want me to help out which is great--I volunteer for half a day then I get to attend the rest of the day's events for free (I've done this several times--just volunteer for a big event that people pay hundreds of dollars to attend and then I get to attend for free!).
  • Amazon Prime is raising their price once again.  I dropped Prime a few years ago because I don't order from them very often, I don't mind waiting a few extra days for my purchases, and we didn't use the other services like free books and movies so now I just make sure when I do order from them, the order is more than $25 so I get free shipping anyway.  If you do like Prime though, here are some ways to avoid the price increase.


  1. I am always surprised by people who really want to learn to cook for two. It is so easy to fix meals when they are frozen and ready to go. We don't mind eating the same thing three days in a row, me even more days. So, we eat up excess. If I freeze the extra the night I cook it, there are meals later. There are days we get home and I am so grateful we don't have to go out for food!

    1. That's how we feel. After cooking for a bunch of kids for years, it's hard to downsize our cooking for just two people so freezing leftovers is a good way not to waste food.