Saturday, April 9, 2022

It's Been a Busy Week!

It was a busy week as I walked 80km (instead of 100km as planned, with the price of gas I didn't feel like driving an hour away to finish up the week with walks in Boulder City).  The weather was perfect and the people walking with me were wonderful to talk to as we hit nearly every corner of Las Vegas with the various walks.

In other news...


  1. I am still reading all these really great links today.

  2. oh wow on the SIL- something similar happened to me before with a money order for some secret shopping thing- the bank would not return the $2,000 I lost. Please keep us posted to let us know what happens

    1. So far she has had no luck getting her money back since she was the one that gave the access info to the scammer. I think if someone would have hacked into her account she would have been able to get the money back from the bank but if you are scammed into giving someone the info you don't :(

    2. That is so sad...I really dont know what to say. That is such a large amount of money.